This section is designed to help you get off the ground when it comes to recovering from an injury.

The following protocols are designed for increasing the active range of motion and overall strength of the specified body part. By following the basic protocols for the injury you will aid in a faster recovery time. This can be done by providing the injured body part with a proper warm-up, followed by specific stretches and strengthening exercises.

The following protocols are to be used as a guide. If you have just had surgery please DO NOT participate in any protocol until instructed to do so by an athletic trainer or your doctor.

If pain persists or increases stop exercises immediately and contact your doctor or RehabWorks, (321) 867-7497.

Specific Educational Requests can be made through Educational Outreach.

Presentation Materials

The Causes and Implications of Tech Neck
by Anna Landis and Jamie Peers

Tech Neck is a condition that is growing due to the increased and constant use of technology by all age groups. This presentation was given by Jamie Peers and Anna Landis, summer 2015 interns of Kennedy Space Center Rehab Works.

Tech Neck Video Presentation



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