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Fitness Center Cardio
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KSC Fitness Center Overview

Mission Statement

The Kennedy Space Center Fitness Center (KSC FC) provides multi-dimensional programs and services which encourage employee physical activity to maintain or improve health and wellness, and to prevent illness and disease.


The Fitness Center (FC) was created to:
  • Increase KSC employee awareness of the long-term health benefits of a physically active lifestyle.
  • Help KSC employees maintain and improve physical and mental fitness to help prevent illness and disease.
  • Provide a supportive environment for positive lifestyle choices.
  • Direct and motivate employees through the process of lifestyle change.

The KSC FC philosophy is well grounded in research which indicates adherence to a healthy, active lifestyle is positively associated with improvement in quality of life. The KSC Fitness Center objective is to enable employees to experience these benefits by reaching a high level of personal health.