Free Telemedicine Appointments

We provide free telemedicine appointments through MS Teams when coming into the clinic is not an option for you!

  • Telemedicine appointments are for:
    • patients requiring multiple appointments with a referral from a provider that approves the use of our virtual telemedicine services
    • employees needing a one-time consultation to determine the nature/severity of their injury/condition prior to being seen by a provider
  • One-time consultations receive a follow-up appointment, unless a referral for continuance of care is deemed necessary by the staff athletic trainer
  • Our telemedicine appointments include:
    • An evaluation via MS Teams video meeting
    • Provision of a Medbridge home exercise program with instructional videos tailored to each individual’s needs
    • Coordination of care with an ergonomics professional if needed for a telework injury
  • To schedule an online appointment or to get more information, e-mail the team at KSC-DL-RehabWorks-Team and include a couple of preferred dates/times.
  • Once we receive your e-mail request, we will send forms that you will fill out and
    return to us via encrypted e-mail or fax to (321) 867-1144


Established in 1997 to provide the highest quality physical medicine and musculoskeletal rehabilitation services to KSC’s industrial athletes. The collaborative health care philosophy of our licensed athletic trainers lends itself towards a team approach to optimize the return to work and physical activity of our patients during their recovery from impairment, functional limitations and/or disabilities. For any work injury, sports injury or post-operative rehabilitation, let the RehabWorks Athletic Trainers assist in your recovery!


  • Prevents, diagnoses, treats and rehabilitates acute and chronic injuries
  • Provides post-operative care/rehab for common musculoskeletal procedures that can be started as soon as the next day
  • Educates patients and provides home exercise/care programs that are tailored to each individual patient
  • Conducts one-time consultations with treatment and/or appropriate physician referral
  • Coordinates care with physicians, workers’ compensation representatives and other allied health professionals
  • Completes detailed progress and discharge notes for referring physician

Patient Care Includes

  • Therapeutic exercises and modalities
  • Gait and proprioception training
  • Post-operative dressing changes
  • Spinal stabilization
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation
  • Instruction in ergonomic principles and microbreak exercises
  • Utilization of on-site fitness center for post-rehab reconditioning

Additional Services provided with physician referral

  • Cervical traction
  • Iontophoresis
  • Suture removal

Advantage of Using the KSC RehabWorks Program

  • FREE TELEMEDICINE APPOINTMENTS, for when coming into the clinic is not an option. To schedule an online consult or to get more information, e-mail us at KSC-DL-RehabWorks-Team. For an appointment, please include a couple of preferred dates/times.
  • FREE SERVICE provided to all badged employees with no co-pay or insurance
  • PROMPT, SAME-DAY treatment for acute injuries (daily patient schedule permitting)
  • REDUCED LOST WORK DAYS - Maintenance of the employee’s normal work schedule during the rehabilitation process
  • EMPHASIS ON PATIENT EDUCATION for long-term recovery and injury prevention

Contact us for more information:

Meet the Staff
Mary K. Kirkland
  • Bachelor of Science, Exercise and Sport Sciences with a Specialization in Athletic Training from the University of Florida
  • Master of Science in Health Management from the Florida Institute of Technology.
  • Athletic Trainer Director - Board of Certification for the Athletic Trainer
  • Athletic Training Experience
    - NASA Prime Crew Astronauts
    - Blue Man Group - Orlando
    - 1996 Summer Olympic Games - Atlanta
    - Medical Volunteer Coordinator - Disney Marathon
    - University of Florida Athletics
Nicole Yacobino
  • Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistant from Kent State University
  • Athletic Training Experience
    - Over 15 years of Athletic Training Experience
    - 7 years at Shelton High School in Connecticut
    - 8 years PRN Athletic Training services to Brevard County Schools
    - Assistant Athletic Trainer for independent professional baseball team in CT
    - Certified Specialist in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Concussion Management

Patient Comments

“What an amazing benefit we get to enjoy as employees of the Space Program here at KSC! Rather than missing more than a half day from work to go outside and receive therapy, we can receive superior service and miss no more than an hour from work. Talk about value added; this is it! Please commend the athletic trainers for the second to none service that I know was provided not just for me, but I am sure for everyone that comes through the RehabWorks doors at KSC.”

“I want to thank you, for being so caring and good at what you do. Your kindness, thoroughness, and the way you went above and beyond to work with me is amazing. We are lucky to have you here at KSC.”

“I think having RehabWorks onsite is one of the greatest benefits to KSC employees. Rehab can be fit into the workday with little travel and allows patient to get back to work quickly. This improves employee health and morale, leading to a more productive employee.”



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